Vinyl Gloves Powder Free 100/Box

Product Description

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves are an ambidextrous, flexible, non-latex medical glove that fits comfortably on the palm and fingers.  Vinyl gloves are used for home, medical and professional or industrial use.  They are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is synthetic and 100% latex free.  This eliminates the risk of developing latex protein related allergies. 

Vinyl gloves are not powdered. Some people prefer a powder free glove Vinyl is not as form-fitting or resistant to punctures as latex and nitrile disposable exam gloves are, so they are a more affordable option. Vinyl gloves offer the least amount of protection but are an excellent option when being used in an environment that is not considered high risk. Vinyl gloves are commonly used for cleaning and food preparation applications as they offer protection from bacteria and infection.  Many people use vinyl gloves at home or in healthcare facilities also. Vinyl Powder Free Gloves do meet all FDA and ASTM requirements.

    • Flexible material
    • Thickness: 5 Mil
    • Exam medical grade
    • Translucent color
    • Latex free
    • Packaging - 100 Vinyl Gloves per box