The Rosey: The Pink Stethoscope Kit That Helps You Feel Good About The Care You give. It's Who You Are. W/ Upgraded Soft Ear Tips For Comfort, Dual Head, Name Tag, Parts, Pen Light, Double Tubing.

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Manufacturer Description

You still remember that moment when you decided to be a nurse. You have always wanted to help people and then you met a nurse. That nurse was really inspirational and made a difference in your life, or maybe that nurse fell short and you knew there was a better way to take care of people who are in a health crisis. Either way The Rosey in you was stirred up needed to come out. Now you are here, a real life Rosey and you are making a difference. Whether it's bringing your patient comfort by making sure they are clean and warm or you are literally making spit second decisions that will save their lives. You are the real deal and "Saving lives, is what you do". This is your stethoscope, but it's not just a stethoscope, it's a kit. Your kit comes with The Rosey Pink stethoscope with the upgraded soft silicone ear tips. It comes with a name tag and a pen light. Just what you need to get your job done and whether you get recognized or not, that does not change the fact that you are a bedside hero.

Product Features

YOU HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN YOU WANTED TO HELP PEOPLE. It made sense for you to become a nurse, it probably also makes sense to those who know you too. BUT what doesn't make sense to you is having to spend $100 on your stethoscope, NO WAY! The CEO's at littmann or welch allyn may try to charge you that and even more but as a Rosey you won't put up with that. You are too smart and too focused on what really matters. YOU ARE INTRIGUED BY THE HUMAN BODY and like to get to the bottom of things. YOU ARE A ROSEY TYPE OF GIRL, with your stethoscope and your pen light in hand you are ready to tackle anything. Lungs sounds, bowel sounds and heart tones are clues to you. Those clues gets you answers, the same answers that will bring relief and comfort to your patients IT'S THE RIGHT STETHOSCOPE FOR CLINICALS. Purchase for school as this is nursing student friendly. Nursing school is hard enough, you don't need nurse tools that make things any harder. Get the stethoscope that is easy to use and makes you look good at the same time. SUPER SOFT EAR TIPS WILL MAKE YOUR DAY. Think of those long shifts, these Won't Hurt Your Ears. They also provide a nice exact seal that drowns out unwanted noise and really lets you hear what's important, and that's your patient. Imagine yourself hearing those important sounds. That means you will have a better assessment which in your job is lifesaving because it is your patient's health we are talking about here. USE AT HOME. It's perfect to use on a daily basis. It's the right stethoscope when you have to check a loved one's blood pressure at home. Its' what you use when you need to listen to their lungs and check for wheezing and other lung problems. Sometimes just hearing them helps you decide whether it's time to take you loved one to the doctor or not.

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