Tennis & Golfer's Elbow Brace with Extra Large Compression Pad by Tiger Balance Athletics - Best Tennis Elbow Strap Band Provides Support and Helps Ease Tendonitis and Forearm Pain

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Manufacturer Description

If you experience elbow pain working around the house, at the office, or playing a sport you used to enjoy such as golf or tennis, Tiger Balance has created the product for you.

Our durable 100% neoprene Elbow Brace allows the skin to breathe while you are wearing it and is made with an extra wide gel pad so there is more coverage for your injured area.

Are you tired of elbow bands that will not stay securely fastened on your arm when you need them most?

Tiger Balance has gone to great lengths to provide you with the most comfortable, secure and easy-to-fasten Elbow Brace on the market.

Enjoy the activities you feared to do because of elbow pain.

After wearing the Tiger Balance Elbow Brace once, you'll see why our uniquely designed brace is preferred to the other top selling brands. We guarantee you will feel better wearing our brace or your money back.

Product Features

SUPERIOR PAIN RELIEF SOLUTION: Tiger Balance's special design has several modifications that provide long lasting joint pain alleviation and ease muscle tissue soreness. Our extra wide gel compression pad provides extra surface to target problem areas. It is more effective than an air pad against lateral and medial epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, arthritis pain, pinching of the Ulnar Nerve or any discomfort from repetitive motions. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The Tiger Balance Band is made from 100% Neoprene allowing the skin to breathe while being comfortable and staying firmly in place. Our distinctive design allows you to easily wear the brace to the level of tension needed without fear of cutting off circulation. Our velcro strap is intended for daily use without coming apart and the band itself has been constructed in a way that the brace does not agitate the skin as it does with many other models. PRODUCT TESTED: Our unique design was tested against the most popular braces on this platform and our brace was chosen overwhelmingly as the better elbow brace for both comfort and support. Our one-of-a-kind one strap system makes it not only convenient to put on but more secure on the arm. The band comes pre-looped and comes with clear and simple instructions on the box. LOW PRICE AND VERSATILE: Our portable band fits conveniently in a gym bag or tennis or golf bag or office brief case. It can be used for weight lifting, golf tennis, archery, housework, at the computer at work or in the office, construction, home improvement projects, driving, rowing and more. And at the low price we are currently offering our one of a kind brace you may want to pick up two. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not completely happy with your Tiger Balance Band we will issue a replacement or a refund. One size fits most and can be used on either forearm. Our Brace will not interfere or impede with performance of daily activities or athletic performance while wearing it and is made for both men and women.

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