Respiratory Masks

One of the main types of respiratory masks is the specific work related respirator or SCR. These are typically made of a hard plastic that is either neoprene or polyester. Both of these materials are resistant to moisture and are therefore good against various bacteria.
Medical workers are another group that require a respirator like this. Some of the professionals include doctors, nurses, dentists, and paramedics. They must protect themselves from toxic gases, aerosols, particles, and other irritants that could come from the patients.

Respirators are also used by fire fighters. They can come in a number of different varieties to accommodate the varied needs of those who work in different fields. One of the most common is the N-95 respirator. This is composed of one or more tubes with a face mask attached to the end. They are intended to filter out contaminants as well as allow the person wearing it to breathe. They are designed to protect people from high heat, cold, and smoke.

Any of these types of masks can be made of a variety of materials. There are neoprene masks which are very lightweight and effective at filtering the air. They can also be more water resistant than some of the other options like the N-95 respirator. One thing that should be mentioned about these masks is that they can be made of a variety of materials. In general though, the material that they are made of is the most important factor.

Many people also wear these types of masks when they are performing specific tasks like mining, construction, or manufacturing. They help protect them from the particulates and fumes that are often present during the working environment. They are also used in the laboratory to protect from biological agents.