Next Generation Vinyl Exam Gloves 100/Box

Product Description

Tillotson’s Next Generation Vinyl Exam Gloves are a latex-free stretch vinyl exam glove that is designed for fit and functionality. Made with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) stretch material, this glove offers a more figure-forming fit and superior tactile sensitivity than the regular vinyl exam glove.


  • Conforming fit
  • Enhanced tactile sensitivity
  • More stretch
  • Same latex color
  • Latex-free
  • Available in sizes Small – Extra Large (100/box)

Latex gloves are great: they stretch and mold to the shape of your hand without a baggy cuff, they’re durable and it’s easy to grip instruments and other objects with them on. However, when you have a patient with an allergy to the material you need to find an alternative and sometimes it’s hard to find one that is a similar match to traditional latex gloves. Tillotson’s Next Generation Vinyl Exam Gloves provide you with a comfortable, latex glove-like fit that will suit you and your patient’s needs.