Exercise Ball - 2,000 lbs Stability Ball - Professional Grade – Anti Burst Exercise Equipment for Home, Balance, Gym, Core Strength, Yoga, Fitness, Desk Chairs


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Manufacturer Description

Own one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment with an E-Quick Start Guide by Crush Fitness Personal Trainers!!

Did you know that some schools are using stability balls as chairs to improve students focus and concentration? Physical therapists are using them with patients to strengthen muscles without putting stress on bones and joints. Stability balls are being used by individuals of all ages and fitness levels. They're fun, easy-to-use and employ the neuromuscular system in a way that no other piece of exercise equipment can.

Safe and beneficial for the entire family

Our anti-slip stability ball leads the industry in thickness at 1,877 micrometers, making it burst-resistant to 2,000 lbs. That is ONE TON of confidence for even the most rigorous and sustained workout. Even if you don't actively participate in a fitness plan, simply using the DynaPro Exercise ball as an office chair will improve your balance, flexibility and back health. The time you spend balancing on a stability ball forces you to use your core muscles, which not only tones your midsection by also properly aligns your spine to alleviate back pain. The DYNAPRO Exercise Ball is highly portable so you can use it in your work cubicle, or take it with you to your yoga or Pilates class. We even include a convenient hand pump so you can inflate your stability ball anywhere with ease. The DYNAPRO Exercise Ball is available in a range of stylish colors, as well as 3 sizes: 55cm, 65cm and 75cm. Here are basic guidelines to choose your optimal size:

4'11" to 5'4" height: 55cm ball; 5'4" to 5'1" height: 65cm ball; 5'11"to 6'7" height: 75cm ball.

For a low-impact workout with big overall health benefits, add the DYNAPRO Direct Exercise Ball to your cart today.

Product Features

WON'T LAND YOU FLAT: Our premium, professional material holds up to 2,000lbs and is extra thick and won't burst while you're exercising in even the most rigorous workouts. Considered the best abdomen exercise equipment. Safe and strong enough to use daily as exercise equipment for home, desk, kids, women, and pregnancy WORKOUTS ARE FAST & FUN AGAIN: Getting motivated to workout can be hard, but not when you have the best abdominal exercise equipment at your fingertips. Dynapro's stability balls include a quick-start workout guide from CRUSH Fitness Personal Trainers. Whether you're at home or in the office, exercising can be fun again! WON'T BREAK THE BANK: Exercise equipment is expensive! But you can work your abdomen and increase your core strength simply and easily with Dynapro's swiss ball without spending a fortune. Keep one in your home gym, one in the office, and one at your desk for quick ball exercises. TAKES UP LESS ROOM: Exercise equipment can be big, bulky, and noisy and can take up a lot of room in your home or office. Want to tone up your abs, but you're still at work? Roll your swiss ball out, work your abs, put the ball back behind the desk, and get to work again. Highly portable! NO MORE SLIPPING: Sweaty workouts can make it hard to grip the ball during exercises. Dynapro's slip-resistance material makes this ball the best exercise equipment for abs, pilates, yoga, aerobic classes, for the classroom. Also perfect for pregnancy exercises. See product description below for sizing recommendations.

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