Athletic Tape for First Aid Kit, Physical Support Therapy, Sports Exercises - Lower Back, Heel, Foot, Joint, Shoulder, Muscle and Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief – 20 precut KT strips 2”x10”


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Go Further Than Ever

No one is really OK with being the second best. The Wuju Fitness Kinesiology Tape complements your training and makes sure that you perform at your best every time. With better blood flow and more conditioned muscles, nothing can stop you.

Simple Application That Stays

If you're new to Kinesiology Tapes in general, don't worry. We made sure that the product is easy to use. Apply it on your problem area and forget that it's even there. You'll know it's working because you'll feel better! We Offer All Out Support

If you ever have problems using the product, let us know! We're also developing PDF's that will help you get started on Kinesiology Taping in a jiffy!

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Product Features

SAFE PAIN RELIEF FOR EVERYONE: Men, women, children - your health & fitness is our priority! Our Athletic Tapes offer passive physical therapy that is preventive & curative! We help prevent a wide variety of injuries! We also help treat lower back, foot, joint, shoulder, achilles tendon, heel and muscle aches and pains, & we provide relief from severe pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff, etc.! Say goodbye to symptoms like aching and inflammation! CONVENIENT, AND EASY TO APPLY PRECUT STRIPS: Lose the back pain in a simple and fast way! Health care doesn't have to be inconvenient. Our Athletic Tapes can be used out of the box without scissors. This is great for sports practice, workout at your home gym or CrossFit gym. It provides unmatched muscle relaxation that is essential before and after a game of basketball, football, volleyball or tennis. WATERPROOF AND RELIABLE STICKINESS: Our Athletic Tapes have strong waterproofing properties that enable it to stick to your body reliably even during the most active parts of your day or your workout. The protection it provides to the most vulnerable parts of your body like your ankle, joints, shoulders, back and knees stays there whether you're running or jumping. Sweat is not a problem as the waterproof property of the tape renders it safe from peeling. RELIABLE MEDICAL TAPE FOR YOUR FIRST AID KIT: An emergency is unavoidable whether you're at the gym, doing sports, working or at home. Our Athletic Tape is a great addition to your first aid kit supplies. Whether it's a rotator cuff, ACL, low back, ankle or knee injury, as long as you have this on your bag, you won't have to worry too much while waiting for actual medical attention! UNMATCHED PRODUCT GUARANTEE: We believe in our products 100%, and we believe that it should satisfy you 100% as well! If there are any problems with your purchase, please contact our ever helpful and ready support team!

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