AmerCare Black Widow Powder Free, Nitrile Gloves, Case of 1000 10 boxes

Product Description

Textured 100% latex free gloves eliminates allergies associated with latex proteins and powder. The Black Widow Nitrile Gloves are black and feature an exam grade, powder-free design. They are 100% latex free and are suitable for people with latex allergies or sensitivities. They offer strength and durability. Their textured construction provides a confident grip when holding medical instruments. The black color offers discrete visibility of blood and ink.

Let AmerCare Black Widow Powder Free Exam Gloves be the perfect fit! These nitrile gloves are certified examination grade, which means they can be used during medical examinations and procedures. They are not surgical grade, or approved for use during surgeries. Examination gloves are held to higher FDA standards and regulations than standard disposable gloves. Ensure your team is working safely and provide only examination grade disposable gloves! Perfect for use in hospitals, doctors’ and nurses’ offices, and more! Their black color offers tattoo artists a professional look, as well as hides the appearance of blood and ink.

AmerCare Black Widow Powder free

Unlike powdered gloves, powder free gloves can not leave a powdery, dusty residue on clothing or skin. Powder free gloves are less likely to irritate the skin than gloves with powder. All gloves go through the powdering process during manufacturing, but powder free gloves have the powder carefully and thoroughly removed before being packaged.

AmerCare Black Widow Ambidextrous Gloves

These gloves have an ambidextrous design, which means each glove can be applied to both the left or right hand. An ambidextrous design saves time, and prevents the need to search for a pair of gloves.

AmerCare Black Widow Gloves – Free from latex

Made from nitrile, these gloves are less likely than latex gloves to irritate skin. Nitrile has become increasingly popular in hospitals, medical facilities, and other institutions due to the rising number of people with latex sensitivities. Using exclusively nitrile or vinyl gloves that are 100 percent free from latex is an easy way to help make your facility safer for clients, patients, and staff.

AmerCare Black Widow Gloves – Sizes

Available in extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and double XL. XX-Large packs come in 90/box.


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